Blog articles for Swimming 2015

New Year’s Eve Course 1

A pretty poor showing today for the last swim for 2015 at Idiot Central. Bevan was there as was Dave S. Well done to us! 🙂 Bevan thought around the […]

Christmas Eve course

Logging in to the site has been problematic over the past few days as has connecting via wi-fi at my current digs. I have finally sorted out the latter so […]

Xmas Party 2015

Photos of the Christmas Party are starting to trickle in. These ones are courtesy of Bevan. Looks like a fun time was had by all.  

Relaxing Friday swim 2

Perfect swimming conditions today for another end of the week round the island swim. Is it just me or did this week fly past? Striking out today were Stephen, Matt, […]

It’s a long way…. 1

Thought I’d attach this photo (iPhone only) to give everyone a different perspective of how far we swim out into the harbour when some ‘idiot’ calls – let’s swim to […]

End of the Week

So Friday already and the swim around the island was eventful for the number of cuts and scrapes incurred by two idiots. Dave S. acted as bait this morning heading […]