Water Temperatures

1986 – 1993 Month/Yr Averages

Ruth & Joe have provided some fantastic statistics on water temperature monthly averages for the period 1986 to 1993.

As Joe stated in his email:

“Attached are the previously processed Almora Street Steps SST. I started commuting to Wollongong in 1994 [the 0605 train from Central] and my SST readings became sparse.
An interesting link is to http://www.marine.csiro.au/remotesensing/. The SST at Balmoral is influenced by the ‘hot water’ gyres of the East Australia Current, though the 200 metre depth contour disperses the effect. The high temperatures in February 1991 were from a gyre south of Sydney. [The water circulates in an anti-clockwise direction hence the southerly current at the 200 metre line and its importance to the Sydney Hobart Race].”