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Middle-aged slightly overweight swimmer/splasher. Occasionally prone to competing in ocean races. Hasn't drowned yet.

A zingy Friday swim!

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A look back at 2020

I don’t think it’s too early to look back at 2020. So here’s my personal snapshot of the amazing vibe at the Almora St steps in association with the Swimming […]

Happy Birthday to Linda 1

It’s a “clickety-click” birthday for Linda today!  And she even scored a muffin with sparkler at Pasture to mark the occasion. (Sorry we all forgot – will almost definitely remember […]

New-ish recruit joins The Idiots

In a surprise turn-up, the idiots were joined on Wednesday by Rowena, newly returned from rowing camp in Penrith.  Unfortunately, having planned to be overseas for a bit, she hadn’t […]

“It’s very wet rain” 1

There was me thinking “I’m the only one idiotic-enough to head out in the monsoon-like conditions” and I was greeted by Stephen, Dave, Judy and Linda at the wishing well […]

New Idiot makes it to the post 2

A big welcome to Matt Buckingham (nephew from the UK), who is now the third Buckingham family member to swim to the  post and therefore be awarded the  most honourable […]

Congrats to Will B-J!!! 1

The ATAR results are out and a very proud Stephen announced that Will has scored a superb ATAR of roughly 119.238. (A rounding error may apply).  Anyway, it’s an impressive […]