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A Stunning Winter Dawn 2



A super Winter dawn, seen from the top of Upper Almora Street,  greeted the intrepid Swimming idiots this morning……Dave U., Chris …busily snapping away using his SONY RX100 Mark I camera, Rob J., Judy, RBJ and myself. Bevan of course riding across, through , over , around all State borders on his motorbike.

It’s been so dark the last few morns’ that the orange & purple glow of a beckoning sunrise was a welcome sight for all.  Water felt remarkably good and a tad warmer than the last days and steady at a very official “Ruth 16 degrees”……which of course is different to a “Dave Sanney 16 degrees”….where are you Dave ? The cold beach shower afterwards however is not so welcoming at a frosty 11-12 degrees.

The good news too…was that most Balmoral residents could see this sunrise… Chris new bus was not parked by the foreshore….so all had a clear view.

Always present was Rod, Ruth, Christine and I’m sure Sutho’ somewhere …no doubt swimming back from Chinaman’s Beach with a miners light on his cap.

Cheers all….good to be back in the water…..

Stephen (the other Richard)



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Ice Ice baby 4

Shook my wetsuit out at home after this mornings swim & this is what I collected… added it to the Vodka I was pouring myself to warm up. Geez….6 degrees out…with a cooling westerly breeze….apparent temp. 4 degrees reportedly….Those two big sluggo’ models who got out before us (Judy…you know the gents)..took a water temp of 12.4 degrees….and told Dave where to shove his reading….hahahahaha.


Bravo to all the brave souls…Dave U, Dave S. and Ed (our best wishes to your Mum/grand-ma guys), Bevan,Chris & of course Sutho chasing up the rear…who then took off for another kilometre swim without us…

We finished off after “polar bear’ with a sensational swim down the coast & hugging the clear shoreline before the rain arrives this weekend…..

ps. That cold shower felt like it was raining nails this morning .

pps. Didn’t see those 3 lady ‘Imposters’ this morning eh ?

Moody Balmoral 4

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