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Dave has been an idiot for longer than he can remember. However, his Real Idiot status was confirmed about 15 years ago when Linda and Bevan coaxed him out to the post. Developer and administrator of this website as well as reporter, photographer, and chief spell-checker. Thankfully, other idiots contribute to the site to keep it interesting...

The blow-ins Christmas tidings

The Idiots have received a Christmas card from the blow-ins John, John, and Ben, which was kind of them. Regular swimmers at North Sydney pool until COVID reared its ugly […]

Frano’s Christmas Art Show

Hear Ye, hear ye! Frano’s Christmas Art Show commences this Tuesday (Melbourne Cup Day) at Bather’s Pavilion Art Gallery. It will run from 3 November to 31 December. From the […]

Hug the other shore 1.59km 1

The craziness continued today with someone suggesting we head down to the baths and hug the shore, all the way to the 1st Sea Scouts Scout hall. Say what now?! […]

Saturday Odyssey 1.76kms

Tried sleeping in this morning but alas the habit of early morning swims appears to be ingrained as I awoke at 6.30am. Blowing a gale outside but sunny and light. […]

Around the Bay MkII

It was Around the Bay Mark II this morning with some notable differences. Ed and Bevan returned to make the swim that more interesting We headed a little further over […]

Blinded by the Light

It’s just delightful with the sun shining brightly, bringing a cast of thousands to the beach. In 10 days we will be plunged into darkness again when daylight savings kicks […]

Around the Bay 1.08 kms

The course set by Rob today was a leisurely swim Around the Bay. For those not in the know, here is the route – Dirty cone to yacht near Raglan […]

Got a Monday Barrel on my mind

The RI crew consisting of Rob, Stephen, Judy, Ed, Dave U., Chris and Dave sweltered in the early morning heat as they donned rubber for this morning’s swim. Ed measured […]

The Hangover Cure Swim Route

Dinner at Bistro Mosman last night (not to be confused with Bistro Moncur in Woolhara) for the family to celebrate my brother Andrew’s birthday (18th Sept) and my birthday (10th […]