Breaking news !!!! Vale Belle 1

Chris and I, the sole representatives of the idiots, swam this morning ( 13.9C ! ) planning to swim one of the classic routes viz Belle, post, island.

Much to our surprise, and dismay, when we reached our first stop we found it was not Belle , but another boat. Belle is missing, her lonely buoy bobbing where she has been moored for the past ……??…. years!

Chris and I could only speculate as to where she has gone, and are hopeful that she will, in time, return, maybe with a fresh coat of paint and a clean bottom !!!  For the time being, Vale Belle, noble and steadfast marker for the idiots.

Further  excitement this morning as there was a very strong current near Belle? whoops!, and Chris and I narrowly escaped being swept out through the heads !!!

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One of the original "idiots" and generally the last at destination! Love my daily dip and find it hard to start the day without a morning swim around the bay.

One thought on “Breaking news !!!! Vale Belle

  • Dave

    Not much time speculating in that 13.9C degree water I’m sure! And what a great day to miss the swim – sounds positively scary. A rip off the post! What next?! Hopefully it will have calmed down for the trans-island crossing tomorrow morning. So what was that comment Mr. Meredith made about “Spring being in the air”?

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