Blinded by the Light

It’s just delightful with the sun shining brightly, bringing a cast of thousands to the beach. In 10 days we will be plunged into darkness again when daylight savings kicks in. One of the challenges with the blinding light is choosing a course where we are not swimming into the sun.

Around the Bay in reverse was the answer to this particular problem. Stephen, Rob, Judy, Dave U., Chris and Dave headed to the end of the island this morning.

From the end of the island we headed to the post and almost drifted to the next stop – the cat. Through the cat, a bit of drafting on Stephen – a perfect guy to draft behind, as there is little deviation from his intended route (thanks Stephen!) – then Woody. Judy and Stephen headed home at this point – 1.14 kms for their efforts. Nice. Seeking a longer swim, the remainder (Rob, Chris, Dave U., Dave) headed around Belle, down by the boat shed, before heading back past an orange buoy, the dirty cone, and home. That was a commendable 1.58kms for us.

There were idiots aplenty on the steps this morning and a surprise visit from Whitney who is usually a later swimmer and tends to stay closer to shore. Ian, as per usual, set off on his lonesome around 6.15am. Seasoned Idiots well represented with Chris, Meg, Ruth, Robert, Linda, Mike, Rod, Robyn, Di, Robyn, Claire, Janice, Shondelle, Deb, Margot… and the list goes on.

Despite the heat of yesterday, the water has dipped to 16.2C – go figure! The water is crystal clear and delightful to swim in, even with a few cold patches.

About Dave

Dave has been an idiot for longer than he can remember. However, his Real Idiot status was confirmed about 15 years ago when Linda and Bevan coaxed him out to the post. Developer and administrator of this website as well as reporter, photographer, and chief spell-checker. Thankfully, other idiots contribute to the site to keep it interesting...