The Hangover Cure Swim Route

Dinner at Bistro Mosman last night (not to be confused with Bistro Moncur in Woolhara) for the family to celebrate my brother Andrew’s birthday (18th Sept) and my birthday (10th Sept). What’s there not to like about Christmas?! My brother Tim was on the 8th Sept and his daughter Isabella is on the 17th. Good to see that Tim carried on the tradition.

Anyhow, it was quite a festive occasion and one could not fault the company nor the wine and food consumed. Sufficed to say, I had a bit of a headache upon waking this morning.

Arriving at the beach early, I was thrilled to see Ruth recording the temperature. Yes! Welcome back Ruth! I may even sleep in tomorrow now that you are back in town…

I also spoke with Janice whose car continues to give her grief, as do I apparently, as she has been inadvertently missed from the despatches. Apologies Janice! Janice has been tirelessly swimming day in and day out. Meg was also present and accounted for as were Robert, Robyn, and Mike. Di Londish was also in the mix (in Terrigal).

The water was the perfect temperature – 17.3C – and crystal clear, and better yet, not many swimmers to run into.

So I headed to the end of the island, back down to the far cone, out past the three pink buoys to the Post. Stopped to chat with a group of 4, then headed to Polar Bear, down the coast with a Dugong to finish. 1.35 kms thanks very much.

Ran into Stephen at the shops who had been for a run and a dip.

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