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The craziness continued today with someone suggesting we head down to the baths and hug the shore, all the way to the 1st Sea Scouts Scout hall. Say what now?! Surprisingly, despite the traffic, no collisions were recorded.

I was a bit dubious about the course from the get go as I have never been a fan of that side of the bay. There are too many icky things over there. Well, colour me surprised as it was a delightful swim and quite relaxing. Sticking on Bevan’s tail was a winner as he dragged me along most of the way. I spied with my little eye a stingaree (stingray), a large school of tiny fish (the type that the larger fish enjoy as an appetiser), some red algae and a few other fish varieties.

And for all my years swimming at Balmoral, I have never swam between the jetty steps and the pool…

My compatriots hugging the shore today were Stephen, Bevan, Chris, Ed, Dave U., and Rob (to the pool). Ian as per usual did his own thing but we caught up with him at the pink buoy on the home stretch. A not too shabby distance of 1.58kms swum.

A balmy 18.5C in the water and pretty clear all around.

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  • Linda Eslake

    Many thanks to all for the kind birthday wishes and particularly to Richard for sending his wishes all the way from England!

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