Got a Monday Barrel on my mind

The RI crew consisting of Rob, Stephen, Judy, Ed, Dave U., Chris and Dave sweltered in the early morning heat as they donned rubber for this morning’s swim.

Ed measured an accurate 17C water temp. Rob was so keen to start that he headed off to the second cat sans cap.

An easy swim in millpond like conditions to the cat; the water quite clear all the way.

The 1st barrel was the primary target of the day which we all made it to easily, although staring into the sun was a challenge. From this vantage point, the post looked far far away. Grotto point looked closer. Stephen decided to mention the S word and then a healthy discussion ensued.

Back to the post for the homeward leg before the team separated. Dave and Ed heading for Polar Bear and down the coast with a dugong to finish, whilst the rest of the gang headed to the dirty cone. Not so clear in close. Must be all the sunscreen.

The deviation for Ed and Dave added 478m to the 904m journey to the barrel. The idiots opting for the more direct route added 356m to their tally. So 1382m for Ed and Dave and 1260m (despite the direct route) for Stephen, Judy, Dave U., Rob, and Chris. Impressive start to the week.

Seasoned Idiots enjoying the water this morning included Chris, Ruth, Janice, Linda, Don, Robert, Meg, Bunny, Kylie, Rod, Pam, Margot, and Frano.

Speaking of Frano, he has an exhibition starting soon. Unfortunately after waiting two years to exhibit at Bathers gallery, the new rules prohibit more than eight people from gathering at one time. So tell all your friends. Links to be published soon. In the meantime, here is a link to his gallery page.

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Dave has been an idiot for longer than he can remember. However, his Real Idiot status was confirmed about 15 years ago when Linda and Bevan coaxed him out to the post. Developer and administrator of this website as well as reporter, photographer, and chief spell-checker. Thankfully, other idiots contribute to the site to keep it interesting...