Saturday Odyssey 1.76kms

Tried sleeping in this morning but alas the habit of early morning swims appears to be ingrained as I awoke at 6.30am. Blowing a gale outside but sunny and light. Arriving at the wishing well, I noticed that Ruth was present and accounted for and had just finished recording 15.4C!

After chatting to Catherine for a considerable amount of time (so much to catch up on), I thought I would just swim to the end of the island and back. Alas, as I neared the end of the island, I turned the corner and was soon at Deadmans. Resting in the shallows for a moment, I noticed a group of swimmers headed my way so I headed out to the shark pin. They were still in hot pursuit, so I headed to the post.

The water did not feel a degree colder so I headed past some very expensive boats stopping by for the weekend and swam down to the far cone. A trip back to the dirty cone and home to finish the 1.76km swim.

There was hardly anyone around which was surprising, but perhaps not, as the wind had a bit of a bite to it. Rick and Sally, Ruth, Bunny, Warwick, Peter, Pam, Luke and Robert were the only compatriots sighted.

Ian’s route was similar, but 2.2km I presume.

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