Blog articles for Swimming 2011

WA visitor sets punishing pace

“I’m not fit,” Matt muttered at the steps and then blew everyone away in the swim to Edwards Beach far cone this morning. Picture a flock of birds flying in […]

A Stephen Irwin moment….

(Monday) Whilst the swim at 8.30am was uncrowded and terrific,  I was a little spooked by the small stingray that drifted under me at the very Northern corner of the […]

I swam….

Bevan & Flipper-Man were there to join me…..step to Idiot Pin , Pin to new yacht …yacht to island….dirty pin & home…a few cool patches…. Smooth waters after a wet […]

Do a barrel? I don’t think so! 4

Another warm start to the day with even the flies feeling lethargic after yesterday’s scorcher. Heading to the post this morning were Bevan, Dave, Chris, Linda, and David. Sutho was […]