Blog articles for Swimming 2019

Cobblers 2019 6

Feelings of trepidation for the ensuing 2.3km swim today was not helped by the bushfire smoke permeating my bedroom last night, nor was the fear of sleeping in and missing […]

Water temps of late

The water temps have been solidly in the high 22s but dipped today to 22.4C. A bit whiffy by the island so stay away from that end. I was pleasantly […]

Nelly No-friends

A great swim with all my fellow Idiots this morning…NOT. I felt like Nelly No-friends. Hellooooo….where was everyone ? Regardless…thnak you Ruth for delivering the 23 degree water . Dave […]

Frozen water swimming. 1

Merry Christmas to the Swimming Idiots. I’d take a swim in your honour, although where I am (Lech, Austria) the water is pretty much frozen all around me. The only […]

Congrats to Will B-J!!! 1

The ATAR results are out and a very proud Stephen announced that Will has scored a superb ATAR of roughly 119.238. (A rounding error may apply).  Anyway, it’s an impressive […]

Happy Birthday Luke! 1

He’s almost exactly twenty-one today!  Congrats Luke – a big milestone today.  Hope you have a fab day. Here’s to the next fifty!!

Welcome back Richard! 1

Great to have a double helping of Basil-Jones-ness this morning. And very kind of Stephen to plan to be away on biz from tomorrow so we know for sure who’s […]