Getting warmer….sort of…14.6 degrees 4

Well it was 14. 3 degrees yesterday !

Chris has absolutely confirmed we’re thru. the worse of cold times….and a balmy 14.6 this morning……yesterday was certifiably cold…I have a certificate from Dr. Judy to prove it.

Highlights so far this week:-

Bevan ‘s motorbike sojourn to western NSW…to Bourke & back…& the shots of the Murray meeting the Darling river.

RBJ’s sojourn in Puglia

Rob J getting Qld. status after 4 weeks holiday there & seeing him back in rubber for cooler waters.

Linda back in the water….and choosing the coldest water day to do so

Dave S. cuddling & getting stung by the only big jelly fish to be found in Sydney harbour…only Dave.

Sutho continuing to swim with anyone but the Idiots.

Sensational sunrises for us all in smooth cold waters….

4 thoughts on “Getting warmer….sort of…14.6 degrees

  • Dave

    Great wrap up of the day’s events Stephen and you are right on the money when it comes to me seeking out dangers lurking beneath the surface. I’m not that keen to be first to the post any more. The boiling water on the hand trick appears to be a winner. The welt is almost non-existent so maybe I just imagined it all… The headache and dizziness seem real though.

    I found a photo that looks similar to what I encountered, a Lions Mane Jellyfish.

    Lion mane jellyfish - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Image courtesy of ABC Corporation

  • Chris

    Yes – it’s true. I declare Winter over as of today. (The forecast foherr warmer weat, which means there’s no time for another Winter cold spell.  Happy days are here again!!)
    And heres at totally-top-of-the-range-award-winning shot of me by Dave S. Thanks Mr Dave!! 

    • Dave

      Great photo indeed Chris ad you are welcome. It’s always nice for you to be on the receiving end, once in awhile. That photographer is certainly talented and could have taken it with his eyes closed. 🙂

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