The Gang’s all here…except Judy.

A terrific turn-out to welcome Matt McGuire back and RBJ Day 3. Robyn left a little earlier with the most beautiful & obedient green eyed kelpie (as she said…if only kids could be trained so well). Ruth, Meg (more oranges please) and Chrissy adding some calendar girl flavour to the photo, whilst Linda was busy & out of view hugging a dog near the steps….surprise surprise. Chris M. was checking he had film in his camera & SBJ taking the snapshot. ‘Ole Robert is in the background believe it or not…you can see him just behind Dave’s left ear… Sutho’ was still swimming of course but around too. Elkie just missing the photo op.

Swim today was a lovely Mondayitis one through first two Cats….over to the Post, back to Polar bear and home via the Dirty (lonely) cone….where have all the others gone ? Water temp. finally has a ‘2’ in front of it, so a lot of naked stomachs, Matt & RBJ swimming like they haven’t missed a winter, the coffee was strong & hot and the rain made RBJ home-sick for mother England….NOT ! BUT we miss you JUDY….come back soon !