Moody Balmoral 4

The moods of Balmoral were on full display this morning ….in and out of the water.
After one heck of a brisk…no…make that very cold.. Monday swim (Water 17.6 degrees/ 10 degrees out) …there were some swimming in rubber this morning….and so wise for the first 150 metres from the shore….and then a couple who were semi-naked who enjoyed the balmier conditions out near the Catamarans….in fact….Bevan, Chris, Dave S. Dave U and SBJ came together in a spa-like formation to soak up what felt like a warm bath out there.
That delight was soon snapped shut & frozen out by sub-arctic water temps. near the Island. I mean what the heck ?
Crazy differing currents bringing such a range of conditions….some phosphorus little sea creatures for us to observe and some crusty ones too in the cold water…
Rain, clouds & sunshine were all on display out of the water too….
What will tomorrow bring….stay tuned fellow IDIOTS !

4 thoughts on “Moody Balmoral

  • Dave

    Here is a link to National Geographic with some fantastic photos of the phytoplankton that we spied this morning.

    You look a lot stockier in that photo Ian. When was that taken?

  • Ian

    Indeed, what a moody, broody morning it was and with the temperature showing 18 degrees, no need for a hearty Idiot to don rubber until at least another 2 degree dip.Yes, I am now swimming at a more leisurely time of 07.30 but gee, a cracking swim it was. Not sure if I missed the cold patches however, down at deadmans and around the island it was positively balmy.Fish a plenty and yes, quite a few bright blue phosphorus glow sticks to light up the way. The island was positively alive with schools of fish and with the overcast, drizzly weather, numbers were well down. A lazy 2km swim for me sans rubber and will endeavour to make a 06.30am swim, the next time I wake up a bit earlier. Begone yee rubber wearing Idiots and as they say, harden the ferk up.

    What it feels like to swim in sub-zero waters | 1843


  • Dave

    Great photo Stephen and a perfect recap of the swim this morning. Fortunately the clouds have cleared and I’m not freezing my  ass off post swim for a change. See you tomorrow morning perhaps 🙂

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