Spring Stunner!

A beautiful Spring morning to round out the week. Louise was down early for a paddle and proved (not that she needs to) that her eyesight is perfect as she pointed out our arch nemesis – the dreaded Jimble – at our feet. Amazing to see one had washed ashore considering how effortlessly they move through the water. Even dead, the Jimble looked menacing.

Arch nemesis

Heading around the island today were Chris, Bevan, Dave, and Dave.  Chris chose a rather perilous course almost running aground whilst we swam a wider course. I felt like pulling the pin on the swim at the end of the island having noticed a few Jimbles with stingers about 2 feet long. A guy swam past with no protection whatsoever so I manned up and continued on to the other end of Edward’s Beach, where Dave, Chris and Bevan awaited my arrival.

On the return leg the guys took off at a phenomenal pace and I decided to exit stage right and head for the shallows near the bridge.

Also spotted enjoying the conditions this morning were Linda, Mike, Rod, Dennis, Bunny, and Janice.

Water temp was an enticing 17.C! Thanks Linda.

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