Round the island via the “drug boats” 2

Judging by the sleek boats on the visitors moorings, they were either owned by drug runners or executives in the ‘adult entertainment industry’. In any case, we had to check them out before heading to the post under moody skies this morning.  Dave U, Sutho, Stephen, Judy and Rob did a photography ‘swim past’ near the post and we then skimmed the rocks to the first cone on the far side of the island. Sutho won the modelling comp with a very stylish “fountain effect” as he came by the camera.

As we arrived back we were greeted by the sight of Ruth in her Swimming Idiots swimsuit, prompting a second photoshoot.  Water temp around 19C and very pleasant.



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Middle-aged slightly overweight swimmer/splasher. Occasionally prone to competing in ocean races. Hasn't drowned yet.

2 thoughts on “Round the island via the “drug boats”

  • Bob Clark

    Sleek though the drug boats maybe, it was the even sleeker swimming styles captured in Chris’s photography that made the real impact for me. Inspired by the seemingly effortless strokes on display, I will have to try and upgrade my own splashy efforts.

  • Louise

    OMG – such a treat for the soul! Thank you Chris for recording our heaven on earth! We are lucky to have this playground and such good friends to play in it with!!!

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