My Balmoral pics – Jan – March 4

In case anyone is interested, here’s my compilation of Balmoral seascapes from Jan – March this year.

It’s a slide-show video (apx 4 mins). Hit the link and Enjoy!

This Is Balmoral Q1 2020

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Middle-aged slightly overweight swimmer/splasher. Occasionally prone to competing in ocean races. Hasn't drowned yet.

4 thoughts on “My Balmoral pics – Jan – March

  • Judy

    Bugger !!
    …as I was saying , just keep joining us , clutching your trusty photographic equipment , because we love what you do ….and we are all so lucky to be able to enjoy your beautiful images of our beach ( sorry Richard , but it will be ready to welcome you come home ) Thanks Chris and, just fantastic

  • Judy

    Chris , once again , a superb collection . I know we tease you , but please keep running u p the sand or alonv the Esplanade

  • Stephen

    Swimming with the sharks….those drug lords & pimps…..and of course the Idiots… is one of life’s pleasures at the moment and Chris …you have yet again been able to capture that wonderful spirit & feeling with your superb photographic skills….
    Truly …they are sensational Chris…your shots from today & the quarterly summary of our beloved Balmoral are just wonderful. BRAVO BRAVO.

  • Richard

    Chris – that was just stunning. You’ve done some incredible photography work over the years & perhaps it’s because I’m so far from Balmoral these days, but your video made me appreciate the beauty of the Swimming Idiots’ playground even more (if that’s possible).

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