New Swim Route – Around the Bay and Beyond 2.17kms

The course set this morning was Around the Bay (Dirty cone, Far cone (Raglan St.), Woody, through a Cat, the Post, Polar Bear, Dirty cone and home or down the coast). As the idiots (Bevan, Dave U., Rob, and Chris) continued to chat, I was keen to get things moving so I struck out on my own, with Ed following not far behind. I left Ed at Woody as he was recovering from a sore shoulder from smacking a ball around at Cammeray on the weekend.

When I arrived at the Post, I noticed that my compatriots had stopped at the Cat to chat with PO1.

I eyed off the shark pin and thought what the hell, let’s do it. The water temp of 17.2C was perfect for a longer swim. Deadman’s was next before common-sense prevailed. I exited the water and walked around the island then swam from the island to the steps.

A 2.17km outing as the crow flies. Nice.

For the Seasoned Idiots, there was Chris sans wetsuit, Deb after a dry spell, Linda who is back in the swing of things, Meg, Robert, Don and…

Coffee was as entertaining as ever with Linda and Bob joining the foray. Hopeless Kylie was our server and delivered the delectable refreshments with aplomb.

A very late running Luke joined us as we were leaving.

The obligatory images…

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