Idiots report from Puglia

It’s hot, sunny & not London. In the week we’ve been here I think I’ve heard 2 foreign accents – Italy in 2020 is for the Italians (+ us!). The photos will hopefully help tell the story – a private villa with its own huge pool has served us well, the sandy beaches are far & few between (on Adriatic Sea side/East coast) & behaving like Italian seals on rocks is the way to go. The scramble to grab a good flat rock is key, it’s surprisingly comfortable but navigating your way into the water is an art. The Brazilian style cossie is the standard for all women 15-60 – and I admire how they display their shapes with pride (whatever the shape!). The water is crystal clear without much marine life though. Interestingly, pasta is not so regular on the menu way down south here & most of the little villages are asleep for most of the day – they awake at 8pm. The red wine is sensational & cheap…about Euro$14 is as much as you need to pay at restaurants. A meal for two including wine is about Euro$50. The lifestyle is so good we’ve decided to stay on for another 10 days – I’ll work remotely of course.
Having endured 6+ months of breathtaking Balmoral photos from you all this is my moment to reply from the Northern Hemisphere. Ciao!