A Stunning Winter Dawn 2

Wow…what a morning …..purple & orange hues greeted the early dawn swimmers….Dave U., Rob J, RBJ, Chris Meredith (snapping away on his SONY RX100 Mark I) & myself.
View is from Upper Almora St. and I know some others got a stunning lot of photos from the beach.
Water felt a tad warmer at an official “Ruth 16 degrees”….which is different from a Dave Sanney 16 degrees”….where are you Dave by the way ?
Good new too was that local residents could see the dawn sky as Chris M. decided not to drive his bus down and park this morning.
It’s been so dark the last few mornings …it was good to see some light this morning
Local crew Ruth, Bob, Christine, Rod and I’m sure Sutho’ (swimming back from the Spit Bridge) was around too.
A big yell out to Bevan who is crossing, avoiding, going over & around State borders presently on his motorbike.
WE had a wonderful fortified Sauvignon Blanc at coffee…from Boree Lane yesterday….Luscious in name …and in taste…thanks Bob !
Great to be back in the water.
Stephen (the other Richard)

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