Bevan’s Back with Italian Style! 4

Nice to see Mr Bev back from his monster motorbike tour round Germany/Norway/Europe and very kind of him to add to the allure  of the Swimming Idiots with some very stylish Italian bathing caps – sourced from a spa town near Venice. Muchas gracias!

With slightly murky water (but extra warm heads) Bev, Dave, Judy and I paddled out to Belle, the post, the island and in for a dugong before coffee.

There were reports that it’s bit lighter when we meet, so maybe Spring isn’t so far away. Water temp was 16.1C. Thanks Ken!

The Italian Job

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4 thoughts on “Bevan’s Back with Italian Style!

  • Stephen

    Mon dieu…the caps clearly were presents for your wives or daughters it may seem…..I suppose you won’t be missed swimming even in the dark at 6.30 am !
    You all do look a little chilly but having dipped into the water for a brief moment on sat’dee….it was at least warmer than the 14 degrees from the prior week….but not warm enough !
    Congrats. on the Sausage Sizzle…they were so good…even RBJ had two…and his dog my sausage and part of my finger.

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