Judy and John in Alghero, Sardinia 5

Hello Everyone from Alghero on the West coast of Sardinia, an old, walled port town. Our hotel is on a small rocky headland, from which several sets of steps lead to the water. Happily I can report that John and I enjoyed a fantastic swim this morning. Water probably about 21C and crystal clear. A lot of rocks on the bottom, so fish to be seen. This morning we take a boat across the bay to visit Neptune’s Grotto, from the photos, a most impressive cave (the alternative is a drive then a descent of 600 steps – and back up !!)

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One of the original "idiots" and generally the last at destination! Love my daily dip and find it hard to start the day without a morning swim around the bay.

5 thoughts on “Judy and John in Alghero, Sardinia

  • Matt

    Judy, have a lovely time and I am sure that the rest of the “idiots” look forward to hearing about new recipes and songs from your travels….(i certainly do !)

  • Dave

    Great photos Judy although that last one looks a bit like the sea wall at the rock pool – maybe the artisan is from Sardinia… Neptune’s Grotto looks amazing! I look forward to seeing the photos. Missed the swim this morning fortunately as Bevan related two slicks advancing on them (Chris, Dave, Bevan) from the island and Raglan St.

  • Stephen

    From Stephen:

    This is my Korean version of Sardinia……and would not recommend a swim in the HAN river near my Hotel.

  • Richard

    Thanks for being the ‘advance party’ for my upcoming trip to Sardinia – the pictures and reports are fantastic. Goodbye cold waters of Balmoral…

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