Braving the Conditions

Wonders upon wonders the idiots were thinking when Dave AND Stephen made an appearance this morning. No fear that I wouldn’t be there when a wine tasting was in the off (more on that later).

Stephen was looking good and it was great to see him brave the conditions in a short sleeve steamer. We almost had a full complement with Chris, Bevan, Dave, and Judy swelling the ranks to six.

The Post was the target and the Jimble count commenced at the cones – 7 spotted with one dangerous close encounter. Fortunately for the inshore idiots, no sightings or stings reported.

At the Post, Stephen recounted a very funny story then it was off to Belle passing on the port side, and across to the island. No Jimbles sighted along the way.

We finished with a swim down the coast and a Dugong to the Steps. As we were relaxing in the shallows, Chris and Bevan spied a brown lump in the water that was later identified by Dave the Diver as a Sea Hare. Fascinating creature. By the way, Diver Dave recommends Pawpaw Cream/Gel as a Jimble sting remedy. 

Other idiots ‘braving’ the conditions today were:

Linda, Rod, Janice, Paul & Anne, Catherine, Robyn, Gayle, Mike, Bob, Ruth, Rosemary & Vic, Pam, Ian, Paul, Robert, Ken, Diver Dave, and Fran and others whose names allude me at present.

Post swim festivities included coffee at La Repubblica and the much anticipated wine-tasting of Bob’s Boree Lane Wines 2015 Chardonnay that recently won a Gold Medal at the Orange Wine Show, and his 2015 Sauvignon Blanc that won Silver. Very nice indeed and well done Bob!

Water temp today was 19.25C. Thanks Ken 🙂


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Dave has been an idiot for longer than he can remember. However, his Real Idiot status was confirmed about 15 years ago when Linda and Bevan coaxed him out to the post. Developer and administrator of this website as well as reporter, photographer, and chief spell-checker. Thankfully, other idiots contribute to the site to keep it interesting...