3 true idiots prove their worth 2

3 true idiots, Bevan ,Chris and Judy , decided to challenge the elements this morning .Swimming out through choppy , dirty water , beyond the cones , where we thought the water would be cleaner ( not much , but at least we could see our hands! ), Bevan suggested we swim to the tip of the island , so Chris could get some shots of the heads . We did , and he did … We then swam on to Edwards Bay , as the water on that side was much cleaner . Stopping at the first cone , we were soon agape with the power of the rain , as the heavens opened .Visibility all around was virtually nil , but huge white raindrops were splashing and dancing on the water’s surface . We loved it .Swimming into shore we were amazed to see a cascade of water powering down the full width of the steps onto the beach . Huge torrents of rainwater gushed down the beach carving out deep gullies of sand and water, some too big to jump over! Arcs of water spurted from the many drainage holes on the Esplanade creating Las Vegas style displays .Chris was in 7th heaven snapping away with his camera !
Back at the steps , the esplanade was flooded necessitating skilful driving to head home for a hot shower , which we did ! ….but what a morning swim ! We had such good fun.


PS Look out for Chris’s photos 

About Judy

One of the original "idiots" and generally the last at destination! Love my daily dip and find it hard to start the day without a morning swim around the bay.

2 thoughts on “3 true idiots prove their worth

  • Chris

    Yup – it certainly as a dramatic swim. (and i loved it, even though the sheer force of the rain drops stung my back as we headed round the Island).  My camera fogged up so they’re more for atmosphere than detail. but you’ll get the idea of the drama of the storm!!  #sydneystorm #swimmingidiotsforever

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