Friday’s Report and Sunday Sorted

Idiots aplenty turned out this morning for a dip in the balmy 20.2C water. I spied Di, Diana, Clare, Anne and Paul, Janice, Vic & Rosemary, Robert, Peter, Ruth, Meg, Janet, Linda, Judy, Chris, Dave U., Malcolm & Chris, Bob, Ian, Catherine, Ken (of course), Robyn, Tony, Fran, Sally & Richard, Dave & Jo, and Bunny… phew! Richard BJ also made his presence known with a clip across the across the back of my head on his way past. I can’t wait to reciprocate at the appropriate time 😉

Now that the Jimbles have been featured in the news they have floated away into oblivion YAYYYY! The latest reply to Malcolm’s letter of the week (last week) is to rub raw garlic over the affected areas or wear a neck to feet stinger suit – just the thing you need on a hot day, and raw garlic???

Ken had three sprinklers working overtime to revive the newly laid almost dead grass around the wishing well. Would it be too much to ask for the council to put in a watering system like they have over the other side of the tram-shed?

Around the Island for Real Idiots Chris, Dave and Judy. No Jimbles sighted in either direction. Yippee!

Dave S. contented himself with shooting some slo-mo wave action (or wave porn as Chris calls it) and discovering another Sea Hare washed ashore.

Made any plans for Sunday? No? Great!

The inaugural Taste Orange@ Barangaroo cool climate wine and food festival is being held at Nawi Cove, Barangaroo Reserve from 11am – 5pm. Ten premium wineries from Orange will be showcasing their wines as well as ten food vendors.

Boree Lane Wines is one of the stallholders which will be manned by our very own Seasoned Idiot Bob and his lovely wife Carmel. Their 2015 Chardonnay recently won GOLD at the Orange Wine Show and the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc won SILVER. Great effort! Bob also has a great selection of reds.

You can pre-purchase 10 tasting tickets for $40 and receive a free glass or pay on the day – $4 for a half glass and $8 for a full glass, plus $5 for the tasting glass. Parking is available under Barangaroo Reserve for a $12 flat rate on weekends. Should be a fun day at a superb location.

So that’s your Sunday sorted for you 🙂

Relaxing by the seaside with Dave
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Have a great weekend.

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